What can STRmix™ NGS do?

STRmix™ NGS Research and Validation is a highly innovative, emergent tool that allows users to: 

Interpret DNA profiling data generated at STR profiling loci.
Resolve complex mixed DNA profiles without reference to known contributors.
Undertake quality checks for data.
Model any type of stutter observed within your STR profiling kit.
Compare reference (including legacy length-based) DNA profiles to single source and mixed DNA profiles and provide a statistical weighting.
Interpret DNA profiles from a range of starting template DNA concentrations.
Use laboratory-specific settings to perform calculations suited exactly to your laboratory’s results.
Search a deconvoluted DNA profile directly against a database without the need to interpret a single source component.


Calculate LRs from multiple reference inputs to a previously run deconvolution (LR Batch tool).
Batch multiple deconvolutions or other STRmix™ NGS functions (such as Interpretation, LR from Previous, and Database Search) in a queue, allowing the user to run multiple deconvolutions and calculate LRs sequentially.
Consider related individuals as alternate contributors in the LR.
Carry out familial searches against a database, searching for close relatives of contributors to mixed DNA profiles.
Generate fully configurable (and if required, retrospective) reports.
Password protect default settings and kit settings.