Investigate the interpretation of complex mixed STR DNA results generated with NGS technology.

STRmix™ NGS Research and Validation is expert forensic software for laboratories familiar with STRmix™ that are investigating the future implementation of emergent Next Generation
Sequencing (NGS) / Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) technology.

Developed by global leaders in the field, this first application of the ground-breaking STRmix™ technology to NGS uses a fully continuous approach for interpretation of NGS-generated Short Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA profiles. 


STRmix™ NGS interprets complex STR DNA results in minutes.


STRmix™ NGS can be run on a user’s PC, without the need for high-speed computing.


STRmix™ NGS can easily be understood by DNA analysts.


Not currently for casework use, it allows users to research the potential implementation and validation path of Probabilistic Genotyping alongside NGS chemistries and sequencing equipment.

STRmix™ NGS is a breakthrough for forensic laboratories embarking on the implementation of NGS as it can help laboratories plan for the future use of NGS DNA mixtures evidence in casework. The software has been developed by New Zealand Crown Research Institute ESR, with Forensic Science SA (FSSA).

With STRmix™ NGS you will be able to:

  • Investigate the interpretation of complex mixed STR DNA results generated with NGS technology
  • Compare profiles against a person of interest and calculate a likelihood ratio (LR)
  • Resolve complex NGS STR DNA mixtures
  • Use more of the information in an NGS DNA profile, and model any type of stutter
  • Search complex, mixed DNA profiles against a database.


To download the latest STRmix™ NGS brochure please click here [PDF, 513 KB]