What can FaSTR™ DNA do?

FaSTR™ DNA is expert forensic DNA analysis software that allows DNA analysts to simplify the analysis of DNA profiles generated by capillary electrophoresis genetic analysers and standard STR profiling kits.

FaSTR™ DNA enables forensic laboratories to:

  • Expedite the otherwise time-consuming process of calling alleles.

  • Ensure consistency in DNA analysis and NoC estimation, which is critical to meeting quality assurance criteria.

FaSTR™ DNA applies a set of fully configurable rules to analyse most DNA profiles automatically. But DNA analysis is complex, and the rules alone cannot resolve all profiles. At times, the DNA analyst must intervene. FaSTR™ DNA signals when this human intervention (expert judgment) is required.  These rules can also be configured to require fully manual data analysis.

As forensic provider to New Zealand Police and custodian of New Zealand’s National DNA Database, ESR understands the need for speed, accuracy, and simplicity. In developing FaSTR™ DNA, particular attention has been paid to simplifying the procedure. Reliable results can now be gained with minimal effort.



FaSTR™ DNA can analyse profiles generated using the most commonly used instruments and multiplex kits. The software is configurable, with easy addition of new kits, dye colours and internal size standards.

FaSTR™ DNA optionally proposes the number of contributors to a profile using an easily replicable decision tree process. Utilising all information within the profile, FaSTR™ DNA can be coupled with STRmix™ (www.strmix.com/strmix) for seamless interpretation of complex mixed DNA profiles.