What can DBLR™ do?

DBLR™ is a highly valuable investigative tool which allows STRmix™ users to: 

Undertake direct comparison of one or many components of a forensic DNA mixture to a database of known individuals (i.e. “Who contributed to the profile?”).

Carry out familial searching for a range of different relationships including siblings, half-siblings, parents, and children (i.e. “Is there a relative of the donor in the database?”).

Search for common contributors between mixed DNA profiles (mixture to mixture comparisons).  These LRs can now be visualised using a heat map (New in DBLR™ v1.1)

Determine the genotypes of the most likely contributors to a profile.


Visualise the value of evidence by calculating expected LRs for one or many components of forensic DNA profiles for true and non-contributors using randomly generated individuals.

Manage automated searches for one or many DNA profiles against one or many databases of known individuals.

Manage databases of known contributors and STRmix™ deconvolutions from unsolved casework for easy matching.

Combine multiple evidence profiles under the assumption that there is a common contributor within the different samples (Common Donor- New in DBLR™ v1.1).

Build any pedigree imaginable and calculate likelihood ratios given the different propositions (Kinship - New in DBLR™ v1.1).

Protect your settings with a user defined password (New in DBLR™ v1.1).