How does DBLR™ work?


Uses efficient algorithms for the fast calculation of LRs.  With DBLR™ the user can import STRmix™ deconvolutions or single source-profiles and visualise the value of the evidence or carry out fast database searches.  The DBLR™ Kinship function is both powerful and flexible.  The user can load STRmix deconvolutions or single-source profiles from known individuals and link these with one or more pedigrees. The Common Donor function can better resolve the genotypes of queried contributors and search these against a database to identify possible donors.


DBLR™ has been extensively validated by the STRmix team based at ESR, New Zealand.

Visualise the value of your evidence

Using DBLR™ we can explore the interpretation results from a DNA profile given different hypotheses.  We calculate thousands of likelihood ratios and by plotting these we can see the expected range for the different hypotheses.  This can quickly help inform whether the profile is suitable for comparison with a person of interest or if it is suitable for entry onto a database for matching.


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