Postponment announcement:  Unfortunately, Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions have required us to postpone this upcoming training.  Please be reassured that we are working hard to find a suitable future date to hold the training, and will update this as soon as a new date is confirmed.

This training is in the latest major version release of STRmix™, and is open for attendance by scientific experts that act for prosecution or defense legal teams. Attendance will be confirmed once minimum attendee numbers are met.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) note:  Please consider booking flexible travel and accommodation to allow for the rapidly changing situation with this outbreak.  We will notify you directly as soon as possible should there be any changes to the date of this workshop.

Location: Pinellas County Forensic Science Center, 10900 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33778

Workshop price: $US 3,000 per participant

Overview:  This workshop will provide participants with extensive and full STRmix™ user training, covering likelihood ratios and sampling uncertainty, introduction to STRmix™, and a detailed description of the molecular models and mathematics on which STRmix™ is based.  Also included are ample “hands on” sessions to allow participants to use and familiarise themselves with STRmix™ under the guidance of the instructors.

 Participants will also receive:

  • the STRmix™ User’s manual, with a companion text which describes in detail the mathematics and biology behind STRmix™, the database search and model maker functions

  • the STRmix™ Implementation and Validation guide

  • a 2-month evaluation version of STRmix™.


Draft schedule (subject to minor changes):


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

0900 – 0930


Day 1 review

Day 2 review

Day 3 review

2. Continuous models. Why move?


14. Variability in the LR (sampling error and the HPD)



19b.EXERCISE Moot court

0930 - 1000

9. EXERCISE. The MCMC game & Robot



1000 - 1030

3. Introduction to LRs

15. Relatives and unified LR 


20. Database searching

& EXERCISE. Database search functions

1030 - 1100

4. Introduction to STRmix™

1100 - 1130

5. EXERCISE. Single source and mixture examples

10. Number of contributors


21. EXERCISE. Casework examples

1130 - 1200

1200 - 1300





1300 - 1330

6. The biological model

11. EXERCISE. Number of contributors

17. EXERCISE. NIST mix continued

22. Replicates & Multi Kits

1330 - 1400

12. Population Genetic Models

(NRC II report & recommendations 4.1 and 4.2)

1400 - 1430

7. Verbalizing LRs and hypothesis setting and EXERCISE

 18. Developmental Validation

23. Workflows discussion

1430 - 1500

24. Implementation discussion

1500 - 1530

 13. STRmix™ output and diagnostics



19a. EXERCISE Moot Court

1530 - 1600

8. STRmix™ profile building and locus weights

25. Wrap up

1600 - 1630









STRmix™ Trial version installation: This will be a remote installation of STRmix approximately a week before the start of the workshop.  A laptop is required during the workshop and the specifications are as follows:


Minimum specifications

Recommended specifications

Intel core 2 (Quad core) processor

Intel core i5, i7 processor  or better



300MB free HDD space

300MB free HDD space

Minimum of 2 cores

Minimum of 4 cores

Windows 7 or above

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit


 Note:  Please ensure that your PC has USB access.

Software specifications:

  • Windows 7 service pack 1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

  • MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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