STRmix™ is expert forensic software that can resolve previously unresolvable mixed DNA profiles. Developed by world leaders in the field, it uses a fully continuous approach for DNA profile interpretation, resolving complex DNA mixtures with no restriction on the number of contributors.

For more information about STRmix™ or to request a quote:

North/South/Central America Distributor
NicheVision Inc.
526 So Main St Ste 714-G, Akron OH 44311, USA
1-866-840-3758 (US Only) or 1-330-252-2711 (International)
Vic Meles

China Distributor
Resonant Limited
421 N Milpas St,
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
T: +1-805-962-3080

Adam McCarthy
M: +44(0)7590 405 501 



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